A Special Interview with Joe Woodard.

Apr 12, 2024 | Episodes

We were thrilled to have Joe Woodard, CEO of Woodard Events, LLC, for a special interview on our episode April 9th, 2024 discussing Zero Entry Bookkeeping. Joe Woodard’s expertise and insights provided invaluable depth to our discussion, shedding light on innovative strategies and practices within the realm of bookkeeping. 

Meet Joe Woodard 

Joe Woodard is the host of Scaling New Heights Conference and he has been in this field since the 1990’s. He has trained over 125,000 professionals in accounting and business and was recognized by Accounting Today as Top 100 Influential People (2012, 2014-2023). In addition to this, he regularly publishes articles for Intuit and Insightful Accountant.

The Benefits of Automation

On of the key pieces of this discussion was the benefit of automation. Automation offers a multitude of advantages for businesses.

Firstly, it reduces the dependency on human labor, leading to lower operational costs and increased profit margins. Secondly, automation minimizes errors and omissions, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability in processes, further enhancing profitability. Automation boosts efficiencies by streamlining workflows, enabling businesses to accomplish more in less time and resources. Embracing automation also modernizes practices, increasing their valuation in the market. Ultimately, automation not only improves financial performance but also elevates the overall client experience by delivering smoother and more efficient services.

Below are a few sample automation solutions that businesses can consider implementing to integrate the benefits mentioned above:

Zero or Near Zero Entry Bookkeeping. 

Zero or near-zero entry bookkeeping marks a significant evolution in the role of bookkeepers, where clients directly input financial data into the accounting system, minimizing the bookkeeper’s need for manual data entry. This innovative approach not only streamlines the process but also enhances accuracy and timeliness in financial reporting. By empowering clients to input their own financial information

You can watch the recording of this episode here on our Youtube!