Decimal Shares Their Tech Stack

Mar 8, 2024 | Episodes

On Tuesday, February 27th, 2024  Matt Tait joined us for a Firm Spotlight and we got the insights on the apps in his tech stack!

 A little bit about Decimal

Matt Tait launched Decimal with Co-Founder Jacob Cloran to solve financial operations, bookkeeping, and tax for small and medium sized businesses.

Internal tech stack overview

With all 91 of our team members dispersed across different locations, effective communication and responsiveness are important. That’s why we’ve carefully curated our tech stack to align with our remote working model and prioritize metrics such as responsiveness.

One of our cornerstone tools for achieving rapid responsiveness is Front. Serving as our primary communication and ticketing system, Front enables us to stay exceptionally responsive to client inquiries. Its intuitive dashboard allows us to monitor our responsiveness in real-time, ensuring that we can maintain our goal of responding to every client outreach within two hours. This not only enhances our client experience but also provides valuable metrics for continuous improvement.

In addition to Front, we rely on Lattice for team management and communication. lattice gives us a ton of capabilities in team management and communication so we run performance reviews through there we run Employee Engagement surveys through there our employees are team members giving us weekly updates on how they’re feeling each week.

External tech stack overview

When it comes to our external tech stack, we’ve carefully selected a range of applications to complement our internal processes and enhance our overall efficiency. 

An essential addition to our tech stack is Synder. Acting as a middleware between platforms like Stripe and QuickBooks, Synder addresses the challenge of seamless integration, simplifying our financial operations and ensuring smooth data flow between systems.

Matt said in his opinion on his external tech stack Synder, Settle, Rippling, and Routable are platforms that stand out for their commitment to client service excellence, offering both asynchronous knowledge bases and responsive support channels. 

When it comes to payroll solutions, they adopt a flexible approach, tailoring our choices to meet specific needs and use cases. For comprehensive device management and international employee support, Rippling is the go-to option. Meanwhile, clients already using ADP benefit from our seamless integration with the platform. Gusto is another standout choice, particularly suitable for smaller businesses seeking user-friendly payroll solutions.

Settle plays a big role in Decimals operations as one of the primary bill pay solutions. While they also leverage Routable for high-volume transactions and consider when appropriate, Settle stands out as our preferred choice for bill pay. Its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality make it our default option for handling bill payments.

With its recent addition of purchase order management, it streamlines complex processes, making it invaluable for various industries, including e-commerce and inventory management. Settle’s user-friendly interface ensures easy training for our team, while its financing arm provides flexible options to manage cash flow effectively. In short, Settle is more than just a bill pay tool; it’s a versatile solution that simplifies and enhances our financial operations.

In this episode, we covered other apps as well and how they utilize them. Be sure to watch this episode so you can learn how this tech stack works!

If you’re interested in learning more about these apps, be sure to check out their websites, or you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!