6 Smart Cash Flow Management Moves for the New Year

Feb 5, 2024 | Featured App

As we stand on the brink of a new year, I can’t help but reflect on the constants that anchor us, regardless of the date on the calendar. And right at the top of that list? The unchanging importance of cash flow management. It’s the heartbeat of every successful business—keeping a close eye on the inflows and outflows, ensuring a healthy balance, and aiming for that coveted state of cash flow positivity.

If there’s one thing I really think you should do for your business this year, it’s getting the hang of managing your cash flow better. Come along with me as I share some simple strategies to keep your business financially strong.

The reality check: 60% and 80%

Did you know that a staggering 60% of small business owners cite cash flow issues as a reason for their companies hitting a rough patch or, in some cases, failing altogether? That’s a reality check right there. But here’s the silver lining—more than 80% of those businesses who perform monthly cash flow forecasts not only survive but thrive. If cash flow management strategies aren’t on your radar, you’re unnecessarily exposing your business to the risk of going under. The good news? It’s not as complex as it may seem. Keeping a watchful eye on expenses and income while implementing effective cash flow strategies can fine-tune that margin precisely where you want it. 

6 smart cash flow management strategies 

Negotiate favorable payment terms

When talking to vendors about better payment terms, highlight your good track record and business growth. Clearly explain why extended terms would benefit both parties, whether by aligning with your cash flow or supporting strategic initiatives. Offer a mutually beneficial deal, such as increased order volumes or exclusive partnerships, showcasing your commitment. 

A flexible payment schedule can also help but make sure that it accommodates both your needs and the vendors’. To make it even better, offering early payment discounts can seal the deal. To keep things good with the vendors, keep communication open and collaborative. Try sorting out any worries they have during your conversations.

Calculate your cash flow margin

Know your numbers. Regularly calculate your cash flow margin – a simple equation of dividing your operating cash flow by your sales. Understanding this margin provides insights into your financial wiggle room and directs your focus on necessary actions, whether it is lowering your expenses or finding a way to ramp up sales.

Streamline invoicing and payment processes

Efficient invoicing and payment collection are important for maintaining a healthy cash flow. Streamline your invoicing process to ensure accuracy and promptness. Consider offering discounts for early payments to incentivize clients and utilize technology to automate payment reminders.  You can use accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero to set up payment reminders. If you want to make it even easier, try working with modern payment solutions like Forwardly. Forwardly’s automated payments feature automatically reminds your customers to pay you, so you don’t have to chase them yourself.

Perform monthly cash flow forecasts

Don’t leave your financial fate to chance. Implement monthly cash flow forecasts, a crucial strategy to understand your current and future financial position. Utilize cash flow forecasting tools because having predictions handy helps you decide where to invest, how to grow, and when to be careful with spending. Essentially, it’s a smarter way to plan your money and make sure your business stays strong with fewer surprises.

?Explore financing options

Consider exploring external financing options as a strategic move for your business. By doing this early, you can be ready for anything, making sure your business stays strong and has what it needs when things get busy. Whether it’s through a business loan, a line of credit, or other financial avenues, securing additional capital can be a smart way to manage cash flow gaps and support your business’s growth. 

Take advantage of technology

As a business owner, leverage technological advances, including AI-enabled solutions like apps and software updates, to improve your efficiency. Utilize leading accounting software, modern payment solutions, invoicing automation, and cloud-based platforms for real-time insights, optimizing cash flow management. You can implement cash flow projection and expense management apps for streamlined processes. Embracing technology reduces errors and ensures financial agility for the upcoming year, aligning with modern business practices.

The bottom line

Managing your cash flow is crucial for your business’s growth. These strategies act as a financial compass, guiding your business toward a strong start in 2024. By negotiating smart payment terms, understanding your cash flow numbers, and embracing technology, you’re fortifying your business against common pitfalls. Streamlining invoicing, performing monthly forecasts, exploring financing options, and utilizing technology ensure financial resilience. These steps collectively contribute to stability, helping you proactively get through the challenges and seize opportunities. So, get ready to celebrate because with these strategies, your business is not just doing well; it’s kicking off the new year with a blast!