Caldwell Consulting Shares Their Tech Stack

Jan 29, 2024 | Episodes

On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024  Carla Caldwell joined us for a Firm Spotlight and we got the lowdown on the apps in her tech stack!

A little bit about Caldwell Consulting

Carla started Caldwell Consulting when she stopped working at software companies and decided she wanted to help others working in cloud accounting. It grew bigger and bigger when she was taking on more and more clients and then realized she was running a firm! Now they have a team of 11 women serving over 200 small businesses around the country!

Internal tech stack overview

We took a look at her internal stack and it was loaded! She is using Dext for expense reimbursements, Mailchimp to send out newsletters, Quickbooks Online for accounting, Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing, 1Password was her big surprise for all of her password storage, Planable for social media posting, Slack for internal team communication, and WordPress for their website. They are using Karbon as their backbone, everything goes through there for them including emails. If they get an email to meet with a potential client, they meet with them and then might send a proposal, which is where Ignition comes in. They can set up the templates, prices, terms, services, etc all in Ignition, and once that proposal is accepted that client now goes back to Karbon to have all of the tasks tracked!

External tech stack overview

Her internal tech stack wasn’t the only one loaded, her external is as well! Quickbooks Online for accounting, BuilderTrend for construction clients, WooCommerce and Shopify for e-commerce, ServiceTrade for invoicing for trade clients, Gusto and ADP for payroll, Dear/Cin7 for inventory management, and Kindful/Bloomerang for non-profits. They are also using Dext here for their clients who travel internationally since it can convert the different currencies. It also helps their clients keep track of their receipts by just snapping a picture of it. Dext also allows the clients to have multiple users, and connects with QBO at the project level so they can connect each receipt to each of their client’s projects!

In this episode, we covered other apps as well and how they utilize them. Be sure to watch this episode so you can learn how this tech stack works!

If you’re interested in learning more about these apps, be sure to check out their websites, or you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!