How bookkeeping firms are enjoying freedom from the burden of billing and getting paid by clients!

Aug 16, 2023 | Episodes

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, we were joined by Tal Ben-Bassat from Anchor for a Deep Dive! 

Tal is not only a CPA but also an attorney! He was doing tax in the UK for a while, got his MBA, and was doing consulting work before he closed his firm to join Anchor a year and a half ago. He is currently Anchors’s VP of Business and Operations. 

Heather and Liz were both first introduced to Anchor a little over a year ago at a conference and is super excited for our community to learn more about them! 

Tal showed us a demo to show us how Anchor helps you increase revenue, and slash costs in the most efficient way! Billing collections has always been a mess, wondering who owes money and how you’re going to get it and avoid cash flow issues. They spoke with dozens of accounting firm owners and found that some knew how to fix this, some had solutions in place but it wasn’t fully effective yet, and some just needed help! 

Anchor offers a simple and advanced proposal tool with a number of add-ons for your clients to choose from, once your client chooses what they want now you have contract management and client portal, leading you to full automation. With this full automation you get automatic invoicing, payments, QBO sync, reminders, and renewals.  Anchor is also saving money for their clients but having no subscriptions, and now no more credit card fees! 

This week’s drink was a Purple Cosmo which is not only delicious but also a gorgeous color!!

If you’re interested in learning more about Anchor, be sure to check out their website, or you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!