Campfire Chat Series: Ignition: Stay Up-to-Date: Keep track of your proposal status

Aug 10, 2023 | Episodes

Jennie from Ignition joined us on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 for a Campfire Chat, and we had the best time. For this episode, we decided to sit back, and chat about what we have all been seeing at conferences this year!

Jennie has been in the industry for 20 years and started using Ignition in 2016. She is now the Partnerships Marketing Manager at Ignition! Jennie recently had a Main Stage at Scaling New Heights! Jennie has been to 5 conferences so far just this year, and has more to go!

To kick off we chatted about AI and Chat GPT. Jennie has used ChatGPT in her communications both personal and work. She shared that she feels like it has given her a little push to talk to clients more about how it relates to the product and industry. Some of us might struggle to describe what we do, for example, “I’m an accountant” is a very basic term and might not cover every single thing you do, but it’s hard to describe totally. That is where ChatGPT comes in and helps you get the right wording and make it easier for others to understand.

Heather shared that ChatGPT has the knowledge to rephrase but can also give you incredible instructions. One of the first things she asked was, how she can build an automation using OpenAI for writing articles based on Airtable, and ChatGPT. She received the instructions on how to set it up and now can create them based on a topic and a few keywords!

We can even use these tools for social media! You can ask ChatGPT to create a description for your image, hashtags, etc, then just schedule them to go out. Marketing is something Jennie feels should be kept close to you and this is how you can simplify it.

Jennie has also been seeing a lot of change management at conferences. She shared that sometimes you might need to change course, and the struggle has been implementing that change. There is always so much involved in change and it’s very tactical. Empathy has been at the forefront of change!

If you’re interested in hearing more about our chat, be sure to watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!