LIVE at Scaling New Heights 2023

Jul 14, 2023 | Conferences

We went to Scaling New Heights ‘23 and it was EVERYTHING! We got to be together again, Heather had a main stage, we hosted an episode with Mike Triantos of Jirav and Jane Ingram of Forwadly, and we got to catch up with some other sponsors such as Commerce Sync and Bookkeep! We also provided women with dresses for Prom who didn’t have one!

Live with Mike and Jane

Jirav has been up to some amazing stuff! They hosted a Financial Storytelling Bootcamp. The inspiration behind boot camp came from our ‘Appy Camp! With this boot camp, you can learn how to advise your clients, get control of your firm, and grow your firm. There’s always been a struggle of knowing how to provide this story to your clients and learn the software, this is where boot camp comes in. This also helps you build your confidence so you are comfortable having these conversations with your clients.

Jane talked to us about how Forwardly is the only solution for “how do you get paid fast”. Traditional payment methods have a delay, they are using new and old technology to make it so businesses can be accepting payments within 15 seconds! When you transfer person to person it’s a bit easier than for small businesses.  This is not new technology, it’s just new to the US. any business that is currently invoicing clients and accepting payments online could be getting paid faster. Forwardly is changing the game but only charging 1% plus $1 capped at $10! They also auto-reconcile with Quickbooks Online and Xero. Forwardly will also look for unpaid invoices for you and send an email asking for them to be paid instantly!

We love when we get to catch up with our sponsors and friends! Be sure to check out their websites, and you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!