Client Hub Launches GPT-powered Magic Workflow

May 2, 2023 | Featured App

Client Hub is excited to announce the launch of their new GPT-
powered workflow feature to help accounting professionals automate the process of developing
internal workflows and processes. This new feature saves accountants countless hours by helping
them to create workflow checklists in less than a minute using just a simple description of the
work to be done. Along with the task checklist, this new feature goes a step beyond and creates
task instructions as an additional level of detail in the workflow.

One of the key features of the Client Hub platform is the internal workflow for helping firms track
and manage their daily work to ensure consistency and eliminate missed deadlines. Using Client
Hub to manage workflows with this level of detail helps to ensure work gets done consistently
and aids in the transition of work between team members.

“As a practitioner, I found that workflow and processes management were critical elements of
how we managed scalability and ensured our work was done on time.” said Judie McCarthy, Co-
Founder of Client Hub. “The new GPT-powered feature in Client Hub eliminates most of the
heavy lifting for firm owners that don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to build their
workflows from the ground up.”

Client Hub is a modern workflow platform with deep roots in the accounting profession. Unlike
traditional practice management platforms, Client Hub is built to be used by both the accounting
team and clients. Accountants can manage their work and communicate with their clients, all
from one place. And clients have a modern one-stop experience to work with the firm. The new
GPT-powered workflow feature is available to all Client Hub users that are on a paid subscription

About Client Hub: Client Hub is the ultimate client experience and workflow platform for cloud
accounting and bookkeeping firms. For the first time, there is a modern platform that includes
both internal workflow management and an amazing client collaboration portal. Client Hub was
launched in 2018 and is a preferred solution for leading cloud accounting firms around the world.

To learn more about Client Hub, visit ClientHub.App.

Media Contact: Judie McCarthy     +1-352-362-8792