Client Hub Eliminate Pain with Their New FREE Recategorize Plan

Mar 30, 2023 | Featured App

 By Judie McCarthy, Recovering Accountant and Co-founder of Client Hub

For 20 years, my staff and I suffered through the dreaded task of getting answers from clients regarding unknown bank and credit card transactions from their statements or QuickBooks bank feeds. We would create a bi-weekly or month-end spreadsheet, depending on the number of transactions, and email it to the clients requesting them to indicate what type of expense each item was for. This was painful, not only for our team but also for our clients, as some transactions were more than 30 days old, requiring more time and work from my clients, who were primarily focused on running and growing their businesses. They didn’t have hours to dredge through the spreadsheet and rack their brains to figure out what these purchases were for.

Client Hub is a community leader for the accounting profession and focuses on helping firms become more efficient while delivering exceptional customer service. That’s why we created our integration with QuickBooks Online to put an end to the dreaded month-end spreadsheets of uncategorized transactions.

Client Hub is excited to introduce the new FREE Recategorize plan – check out the video here.

This FREE plan allows accounting and bookkeeping firms to connect unlimited client QuickBooks accounts and invite unlimited users to collaborate and get answers about the uncategorized transactions. After the simple setup process, you’ll choose the accounts you want Client Hub to monitor for transactions. Every time a transaction is posted to one of the selected accounts in QuickBooks Online, it will trigger a special client task in the free version of Client Hub and notify the client via email and the Client Hub mobile app. Client users can comment or select an account and class from their QuickBooks Online chart of accounts. Once the response is reviewed and accepted by the client, it will be synced back to QuickBooks Online, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Client Hub is an all-in-one practice management platform that enables bookkeepers and accountants to communicate and get answers from clients, securely share files, and automate their internal workflow and processes. Client Hub’s FREE Recategorize plan lets users quickly and easily get answers from clients about unknown transactions without the need for the dreaded month-end spreadsheet.

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