Unlock the Power of Keeper: An Exciting Sneak Peak into New Features

Mar 23, 2023 | Episodes

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, Heather and Liz were joined by Ben Stein, Ceo of Keeper. Ben called himself the chief listening officer! He was the CFO of a venture-back tech start-up and he did the books for that company. With that experience, he said that’s why he built the software solutions for the pain points he experienced such as; a spreadsheet to communicate with the accountant and a manual review. He stays humble by knowing the work and uses Keeper to do month-end close still. He is a true consumer of the product they sell! As a surprise, we asked Ben to tell us something we don’t know about him. He shared with us that Keeper is a product of the business Jensen Technology inc. He started Jensen as a way to honor his family’s business which is headquartered at 6000 Jensen Dr, and can now tell his grandfather that he works on Jensen.

Keeper is unique because it is directly integrated into the client’s bookkeeping software. You can have a task, report, etc, and edit them all in keeper and it will make the changes in the software. We summed it up by saying Keeper is like having 8-10 systems all in 1 app to run month-end close. Ben said bookkeeping is like the foundation of a house, Keeper makes sure you have a sturdy foundation to support the house on top! Answering questions for clients to help them run a better business, is how bookkeepers can help clients build a better business. 

Ben shared some new features of Keeper such as now connecting with Xero as well as Quickbooks. Keeper went live with Xero at the beginning of February! Another new feature is Vendor Request, this can pull a report on which vendor you might need more information on. This will help you collect the information, request W9s, and keep track of totals. The most exciting new feature is a Chrome Extension! Now you can track your work and manage your work all in one place, you can get information out of Keeper directly inside Quickbooks or Xero. No more going back and forth!  

Ben ALSO shared a demo with us! Be sure to check it out on our website!

To learn more about Keeper, check out their website!