Firm Spotlight: Vilms Consulting Shares Their Tech Stack

Feb 24, 2023 | Episodes

Heather and Liz kicked off their firm spotlight episode series on February 14th, 2023!! Our first episode featured Michelle Vilms of Vilms Consulting. Michelle was voted in the top 50 women in accounting by ignition and is now on their council this year! She is also part of the intuit trainer-writer network.  She loves to watch her clients grow their businesses and has been volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club and the New England Aquarium. Michelle joined us to show off her Tech Stack and go into some detail on what she chose and why.

Michelle’s internal stack includes Google Platform, Liscio, Slack, Clickup, and Keeper. A few of the questions to keep in mind when choosing your internal stack are; “what are the core systems?” and “what are the internal tools?” Keeper was the one she decided to go into detail on. Michelle told us that she spoke with Ben Stein from Keeper and explained a problem with 1099s that she was having and he was able to fix that problem for her. There’s a button inside of keeper to process 1099s and get them sent off to Quickbooks! Keeper lets you communicate with clients, catch coding errors, track KPIs, and manage your work.

Michelles external stack includes QBO,, Dext, ADP/Gusto, and Synder. A question to keep in mind when choosing your external stack is “how do you serve your client base?” Michelle was using Synder a long time ago and then started using them again in Q1, which we all know is so scary to try new things in Q1! She met with Synder at a conference and decided to give it another try. Michelle had lunch with Synder and told them the very specific problems she was having with 4 of her clients. They paired her up with their top programmer and went client by client and each platform (Stripe, Shopify,, and Amazon). She was able to show them where she was having problems and why she couldn’t delegate tasks to bookkeepers, and they were able to fix all of the problems for her. They worked with her to solve a very serious pain point for her! Synder also offers smart invoicing and automated reporting as well as sales ecosystem integrations with all e-commerce platforms.

This week’s drink was a Synder Sunrise! This drink not only features the colors of Synder but it’s also a delicious drink to enjoy while we wait for Spring to arrive! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Keeper and Synder, be sure to check out their websites, or you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!