ADP- Dominate Year-end with Accountant Connect

Dec 9, 2022 | Episodes

On November 22nd, 2022 Liz and Heather were joined by Heather Sperduto from ADP to discuss dominating year-end with account connect. We discussed the top 3 things that come to mind when you are approaching year-end. Liz’s top 3 were team meetings to discuss 1099 vendors, talking about payroll end-of-year changes, and the closing of the books. Heather mentioned pricing and profitability to make sure your pricing matches what you are doing for your clients. As always work-life balance is also something for this year-end season!

Accountant Connect was designed for users to be able to share clients and access to reports. It has grown into such an innovative environment to share the power and magnitude of tools and resources. 60,000 accounts and others are registered users. 60 million W2s will be processed in January. End-of-year will be very different this year with people changing jobs, pay rates going up, and bonuses going out. 

ADP Just celebrated their Millionth client this month!

With Thanksgiving being this week the Cran-Bourbon Sour was perfect! Who doesn’t love cranberry at this time of year?! 

Heather took us on a demo to show us this end-of-year experience. Security and authorization are always a top priority which is why you can choose which mutual client you want to see, and what you want to see such as the reports, general ledger, or if you want to actually run payroll. This will send a request to the client to approve and you will be good to go! You will now see your client on the dashboard of accountant connect and have access to the help desk, dedicated associate, and service requests. For example, if your client receives a letter from the IRS you can now upload that to the service request and you will see any updates that have been taken to get it resolved. Heather Satterley can attest to how amazing this is to upload the notices and not have to worry that it could have gone to the wrong place. The ability to upload it to accountant connect gives her the security to know that it was uploaded, it can still be seen and she can see the visibility of it in real time. 

ADP has an amazing help desk that really comes in handy at this time of year. Liz mentioned how helpful it is!

If you’re interested in learning more about ADP, be sure to check out their website, or you can watch the episode by visiting our website or on YouTube!