How to turn chaos into calm with Client Hub

Jun 1, 2022 | Episodes, News

Is “waiting on clients” creating havoc with your workflow?
Gathering answers and collecting documents from your clients is a critical part of your workflow. When clients don’t respond, your workflow is interrupted, and you end up wasting valuable time re-sending requests and reminders. Your work output gets delayed, resulting in late and/or inaccurate deliverables, not to mention that now you need to make time for that work later in your schedule.
We were joined by Judie Mcarthy to discuss Client Hub’s all-in-one client collaboration and internal workflow solution can help turn chaos into calm by:
· Automating requests and reminders to clients
· Easily monitoring client responses
· Managing your internal workflow
· Integrating with QBO to solve uncategorized Expenses
· Securely communicating and sharing files with your clients

As accountants, we all face the challenges of trying to get responses from customers, keeping our work organized and managing our team which is why bringing Client Hub on the Appy Hour just made sense! With Client Hub, all of the information you need is at your finger tips – LITERALLY they even have mobile capabilities!

They also have a client view dashboard that allows for easy collaboration and will keep both you and your client on the same page as far as out standing tasks.  I really love this chat feature. It is like Facebook messenger but for business!

There is so much to love about this solution from the customizable notifications to the file manager. YES you can even store client documents in this solution. It also serves as a SSO with its linking capabilities. Signing into Client Hub, you are able to access the links of other apps and resources.

For recurring workflow, there is a repeat rule to help streamline those monthly tasks that need to be done and the automations of client tasks will keep your client in the know and ready for the next without you doing anything. All in all, this solution seems to fit all the needs for us as accountants. This was a great episode and great insights on how Client Hub can turn chaos into calm!

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