Rescuing, Scope Creep, and Other Ways You Give Away Your Services

May 9, 2022 | News

Pricing is a tricky subject in our industry. Accountants are challenged with negotiating the right price while conveying the value of the services provided to their clients…all without selling themselves short or entering into a ‘scope creep’ situation. Often times, we find ourselves discounting prices before the conversation with our client is even finished. Sometimes we avoid the conversation altogether and end up undervaluing our services. It’s a common pain point and topic of conversation amongst our peers, so it was great to have Joe Woodard join us to shed some light.

It’s always an honor when Joe visits us on the ‘Appy Hour. Joe is the host of Woodard Institute, Woodard Alliance and one of the world’s leading training conferences for small business advisors called Scaling New Heights(R). He brought along tons of valuable information to help us accountants price to our value and break past the barriers we create for ourselves.

During our time with Joe, we had the opportunity to learn how to identify what clients truly value and unique ways to differentiate our services. He also walked us through the 3-Tiered Model for Packaging and Pricing Bookkeeping and Tax Services and provided straight-forward strategies for creating our own tiered pricing. Some of the best takeaways from this episode are the methods we can utilize to get clients to agree to our set prices. Check out this episode to learn awesome tactics to take your firm’s pricing to the next level.

And if you haven’t registered for Scaling New Heights 2022 yet, be sure to get your ticket so you can experience all of the amazing information-packed sessions right alongside your industry peers!


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