How to put your manual reporting on autopilot with LiveFlow

Apr 13, 2022 | Episodes, News

It was the highlight of the day to be able to play with LiveFlow and see all of the features it has to offer! We, as accountants, want to see data a certain way that makes sense to us so that when we go to the client we can present to them in an understandable way. Manual reporting requires for you to download and piece different excel sheets together which is not efficient and can be quite a conundrum! The other piece of it is when you are exporting out of QuickBooks, it doesn’t have any formulas in the data so you can’t see the source of it. This leads to frustration that you can avoid all together!

We were so excited to have Anita and Korey join us to show us the better way of automating reporting.

Being able to share this data in real time creates an environment for happy clients! Clients to have access to data without providing access to the GL. Clients don’t continuously ask questions and need updates, they just have access to what they need to see! If you can be ahead of your client, you allow for the client experience to be great! No one likes to be in that position to keep asking for information. This empowers them to have what they need at their fingertips!


It is always great to find technology that is so helpful not only in your workflow but also your clients! If you want to learn more about this app, check out our deep dive episode where we cover the following in a demo!


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