Drink Now, Pay Later with Commerce Sync

Apr 13, 2022 | Episodes, News

We all know eCommerce is not an easy gig which is why we were so excited to have Stephen Lester join us to talk about the great benefits of using Commerce Sync!

A lot of our clients have decided to sell online due to the pandemic and so here we are trying to figure out how to manage it. Being able to get the data and import into QuickBooks is the key solution to managing eCommerce sales. Each of these components create challenges to accomplish this.

This is where Commerce Sync comes in handy and helps with automated bookkeeping! They help you save time recording sales in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop automatically, everyday!

Anytime you are talking about eCommerce, you should have a drink! Check out the “Everything but the kitchen sink” drink and watch this episode to learn more about Commerce Sync!

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