Automate your process documentation with Scribe

Jan 27, 2022 | Featured App

Automate your process documentation with Scribe.

Scribe saves you time and effort by allowing you to automatically document processes.

Simply record any workflow across any app and Scribe will automatically create a beautiful how-to guide. You can easily customize your guide once Scribe has done the hard part by adding and adjusting text, steps, and visuals as needed. Your guide is then ready to be shared, downloaded, or embedded into your other favorite tools like Quickbooks, Xero, Gusto, and more.

An app this versatile is useful for anyone, and particularly so for accountants and bookkeepers. Most small business accountants constantly need to document and share their know-how with team members and clients alike. Here are some key use cases to consider:

Onboarding new employees

Use Scribe to make all of your formal onboarding documents, enhance an existing wiki, or simply answer a one-off question about something only you know how to do.

Onboarding remotely has made it even more difficult for new employees to ramp up. It’s difficult to ask questions and as a result it’s easy for calendars to become overloaded with meetings, disrupting everyone’s workflows. Scribe resolves issues and shares know-how without requiring a meeting, giving everyone part of their day back.

Communicating with clients

How about when a client asks you “how do I…[insert complicated bookkeeping task]”?

Rather than resorting to a clunky made-from-scratch document or rerecording a video numerous times to get the perfect take, make a Scribe. It takes seconds and the result is organized, polished, and effective. You will end up saving yourself time and saving your clients frustration with a guide that’s simple to make and to interpret.

To learn more about Scribe, tune into this upcoming Appy Hour episode and give Scribe a try for free here! Simply download the Chrome extension and you’re ready to go.

Happy Scribing!