Tune up your QuickBooks before Moving to the Cloud with Swizznet

Jan 12, 2022 | News

We can’t believe we are almost half way through January and year end tasks are upon us. It is time to get to get our books cleaned and ready for 2022! We were so excited to have Swizznet on to discuss best practices of getting your QuickBooks files ready to move to the cloud.

During this week’s episode, we were joined by Sam Schuemacher, the Product Manager at Swizznet. Sam walked us through best practices of tuning up your QuickBooks file and why to move to the cloud. We also got a sneak peak demo of Swizznet!

Swizznet offers a large variety of services and solutions and are most well known for their obsessive support! This is the way accounting should be. From Accountant to the Client, there is no difference in the amount of support provided which sets them apart from many other hosting solutions.

The evolution of how we do business in todays time has dramatically changed and just as time changes, we must adapt as well! Swizznet offers a hosting solution to help make collaborating with your clients in a virtual world both more productive and secure. This helps make tax season a breeze when trying to prepare for year end. Here are the different integrations to tax software currently available through Swizznet.

  • DrakeSoftware
  • Lacerte Tax
  • ProSeries Tax
  • CCH & CE Professional

Along with providing a one of a kind hosting envirnoment, we took a sneak peak into their new product line, Swizz Stack. SwizzStack is an efficient and flexible platform that optimizes accounting workflows and reduces your risk of security breaches by protecting access to your data with customized and enforceable cybersecurity policies which will propel the accounting industry forward in 2022. You don’t want to miss out on this episode! See below for the link to watch!

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