Effortlessly Deploy Qvinci’s Turnkey Advisor Program

Dec 20, 2021 | News

Are you looking to provide Advisory services to your clients, but you’re not quite sure where to begin? Qvinci has created a Turnkey Advisor Program that will allow you to QUICKLY and EASILY get started!

Qvinci is a global leader in financial reporting technology. Their solutions empower users with actionable data that leads to increased operational efficiencies and greater profits. Qvinci also allows accountants to automate manual tasks that are typically required for traditional financial reporting.

We were joined by Charles Nagel, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Qvinci Software, to DEEP DIVE into Qvinci’s revolutionary Turnkey Advisor Program. For accountants who want to launch and scale their advisory services practice, the program provides time-saving resources for advisors and value-added insights clients can actually understand.

During our episode, Charles gives us an in-depth tour of Qvinci’s 3-Step Turnkey Advisor Process – from setup to launch. He shows us how straightforward the entire process truly is! Once you’re ready to get started with Qvinci, you’ll schedule a 45-minute onboarding call. During this call, you’ll receive all of the information necessary to start providing advisory services that you can adapt to every client. After implementation, you’ll also receive ongoing support from their Customer Success Team.

Here’s an overview of what Qvinci’s Turnkey Advisor Program entails:

  1. The first step is to review the metrics: Qvinci’s Advisory Portal allows you to easily identify color-coded problem areas that are of critical importance to your clients’ profitability.
  2. Next, you will generate reports: Their Automated KPI Scorecard and Financial Reports provide automated business intelligence and reports that clients can understand.
  3. And finally, spread the word: Qvinci has created an Advisory Services Marketing Kit that includes email templates and simple instructions to implement.

If you’re interested in adding advisory to your client services, you won’t want to miss this episode!


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