Qvinci’s Simple 3-Step Process to Launching and Providing High-Value Advisory Services

Aug 25, 2021 | Featured App

Tired of your client prospect pool shrinking every year and the industry average for billable rates plummeting lower and lower? Two primary disruptions within the accounting profession are driving these adverse trends – DIY software and cheaper outsourcing. Unfortunately, this relentless shift shows no signs of slowing. In fact, it’s gaining speed at a dizzying rate.

So, how are accountants and accounting firms supposed to adapt?

The easy answer is Qvinci’s new Turnkey Advisor Program – 3 simple steps to launching and scaling high-value advisory services.

By adding in-demand advisory services to your current practice, you’re able to easily replace lost clients, onboard new ones who thoroughly appreciate you, and bill higher-value hours without working harder or longer.

According to Bob Volpe – Chief Operating Officer at Volpe Consulting and Accounting Services, “Qvinci solves one of the biggest challenges facing accountants today – how to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated clients who desire actionable financial insights. We have new clients who left their old accountants because they weren’t keeping up with technology. Qvinci’s enhanced analytics helped us land those clients and offer them advisory services they weren’t getting before.”


Qvinci’s 3 Steps to Transforming your Accounting Practice

Into a Revenue-Generating Advisory Powerhouse


Step 1 – Review the Metrics with Qvinci’s Advisory Portal

There’s an obstacle that has been a roadblock between accountants and their clients for ages, namely that business owners typically can’t makes sense of financials and aren’t comfortable trying to learn how to. They know their product or service and spend most of their days trying to avert or quell crises. When they receive financial reports, they casually gloss over them without gleaning any consequential insight.

Enter Qvinci’s first step, “Review the Metrics,” accomplished with their Advisory Portal which is a wellness dashboard that provides a single, dynamic view of financial positioning for each client. It clearly illustrates color-coded trending (GREEN = favorable / RED = unfavorable) across multiple time periods and for the 10 key ratios that drive most organizations. Having this critical information ready-at-hand empowers accountants to proactively contact their clients to review problem areas and is proven to generate ample advisory engagements.

(Watch Advisory Portal Video)


Step 2 – Generate the Reports with Qvinci’s KPI Scorecard and Financial Reporting Templates

The second step in Qvinci’s Turnkey Advisor Program is to “Generate the Reports, which are easy-to-read business intelligence and financial reports that you can submit to your clients and prospects and are proven to “push” them to call you for corrective advice.

An example is the Automated KPI Scorecard, an advanced tool that selects the top 5 Income, COGS, Expenses, and user-defined KPIs for any of your clients connected to Qvinci, Xero, or MYOB and exports the report package to Excel, which you can send straight to your client. The KPI Scorecard also includes actionable business intelligence of your client’s Total Income and Net Income Year-over-Year by Month, Running Cash Balance Year-over-Year by Month, Top 10 Expenses Analysis, and AP & AR Analysis with Variance.

All vital indicators are color-coded (GREEN = favorable / RED = unfavorable – “Uh oh, we need to talk!”). They’re actionable financial insights that are easy enough for any business owner to easily understand. Including the KPI Scorecard along with financial reporting in an email to your clients will significantly increase the probability that you’ll receive urgent requests for remedial advice.

(Watch Automated KPI Scorecard Video)


Step 3 – Spread the Word with Qvinci’s Marketing Kit

The third, and probably the key, step for launching and scaling your in-demand advisory services is to “Spread the Word.” When it comes to this point in the simple 3-step process, Qvinci understands that accountants typically are not highly skilled at marketing, so they’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Included in Qvinci’s Turnkey Advisor Program is a free, comprehensive Marketing Kit that includes ultra-effective email templates to your staff, existing clients, and prospects introducing your new advisory services, along with detailed instructions on how to easily attach your business intelligence and advanced financial reports to make a much more compelling impact.

No need to google best practices on email subject line length, persuasive writing techniques, or strategies to increase your open rates. Also, no need to struggle with content format, stylistic phrasing, or deciding which are the most important points to highlight. With the Marketing Kit, you click a button and an email template to your target audience populates into your Outlook email along with the KPI Scorecard and financial reporting packages. If you don’t use Outlook, just copy and paste. It’s that easy.

(Watch Marketing Kit Video)


All Resources Are Provided by Qvinci to Jumpstart Your

Advisory Services and Boost Your Profits

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use Qvinci’s business intelligence, automated reporting, and marketing tools to launch and scale your advisory practice (Basic User Guide for Accountants and Staff)
  • Client wellness dashboard (Advisory Portal)
  • Automated business intelligence (KPI Scorecard)
  • Complete set of financial statements (Financial Reporting Packages)
  • Promotional ‘how-to’ manual to implement across staff, clients, and prospects (Marketing Kit)
  • Qvinci’s “Rockstar” Customer Success team will be there every step of the way to help execute your advisory practice strategy


Your Advisory Future Is Now

DIY software and cheaper outsourcing are totally disrupting the accounting industry. Every year there’s less demand for compliance reporting and the average billable fees are spiraling downward. Fortunately, Qvinci saw this trend coming and paved a clear and easy path for accountants and accounting firms to stay way ahead of the curve without working longer or harder.

With the new Turnkey Advisor Program, the future is now, and that’s a good thing!

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