Better Bill Pay: Automated workflows, full features & free payments

Jul 30, 2021 | News

Digitizing and automating accounts payable is a huge time-saver. Having comprehensive bill pay approval and document capture processes in place for your firm is also ultra important. One bill pay solution you may consider for your firm is Corpay One.

Corpay One replaces slow bill pay while improving bookkeeping processes and manual work with one automated platform. It offers both simple and more sophisticated payment approval processes, smart scanning technology for document capture, and the capability to process expense reimbursements. The user interface is simple, inviting, and easy to figure out.  Corpay provides a FREE business payment process with no user fees. AND, all advanced features are included! Who doesn’t love FREE? 


We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Bob Lewis, SVP of Accountant Channel Development at Corpay One. Bob gave an amazing demo as he walked us through all of the super cool features of Corpay One. We also learned about the workflow creation capabilities using trigger and action steps! For example, you can create a workflow rule that says if a bill amount is greater than $100 then automatically require approval from staff. When it comes to creating these workflows, there are SO many possibilities! 


With Corpay One, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend working on each client and have the freedom to discover new sources of revenue that just can’t be automated, like advisory services. Check out our episode to learn more and see the demo for yourself!


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