Build a Profitable Advisory Practice with Financial Forecasting

May 26, 2021 | News

Whether you’re new to strategic advising or already have experience, LivePlan has you covered. Their software and training provide you with the tools you need to build a profitable advisory practice. With their wizards and tools, building a strategic financial forecast for your clients has never been easier.

We were super excited to sit down with Kathy Gregory, Director of Product Marketing and Partnerships at Palo Alto Software (maker of LivePlan), to discuss the difference between budgeting and forecasting and why forecasting is the BEST advisory service. 

While budgets are absolutely necessary for a healthy business model, they are tactical and can be used short term to set expenditure limits. They are not strategic by nature, which is where forecasting comes in. 

Forecasting allows you to optimize and scale on an ongoing basis. Forecasting is ever-changing and provides strategic advisors with the ability to uncover opportunities and limitations for their clients. This approach is proactive, as opposed to reactive, and has the power to produce positive business results. 

With LivePlan, you’re able to utilize iterative forecasting to help your client plan for the future and facilitate healthy business growth. LivePlan has developed programs and tools for strategic advisors to grow and learn within the forecasting space. In fact, LivePlan will be holding a 4-day virtual conference that includes deep training, client-ready resources and offers 15 CPE credits. Check out their Strategic Advisory Summer Bootcamp, Forecasting Your Clients’ Success, starting June 28th!


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