AutoReview: An Intelligent Clean-up Tool to Drive Efficiency + Derive Accurate Numbers

May 14, 2021 | News

The client QuickBooks data review process is tedious and time-consuming. Until now – that is! AutoReview is a revolutionary app that simplifies the data review process by doing the heavy lifting for you by identifying areas of concern automatically and presenting the data in an easy-to-use dashboard where you can assess and correct errors in your client’s data.

In this 1-hour ‘Appy Hour Deep Dive session, Liz and Heather sit down with Hardik Mehta, AutoReview’s Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer to walk you through the set-up and implementation process. They also teach you how to use AutoReview to assess and clean up your client’s QuickBooks data quickly and efficiently. Data review services can be a lucrative service offering for your firm and is in high demand by QuickBooks users. 

AutoReview has received many raving reviews from its users regarding its ability to solve a common problem in the accounting industry. According to Tanya Hilts, President of Cloud Business Services and AutoReview user:

“AutoReview has truly been a Godsend. This is part of our tech stack with EVERY client. This app is so much more than simply a review tool. First, it was built by accountants to solve a pain point, that is the same that we all have. With the built-in searches, you would be surprised how quickly you can find errors within the files. When you get thinking outside the box with the custom searches, this becomes so much more powerful. We have found many uses for this 1 app within our firm:

  • Monthly Reviews
  • Team Coach Back
  • Year-End Reviews
  • Pre-Pricing Discover
  • Pricing New/Existing clients
  • Discovery Reviews
  • Clean-ups
  • Diagnostic Reviews

We use similar processes for 8 different uses, and some of these have become revenue generators, and not just for internal purposes. I have had many conversations with colleagues on how I Autoreview beyond what you learn in the demo, that I have created a 2-part training module with an E-Book for my 8×8 plan (8 steps for 8 uses with Autoreview) that I will share with teams that would like a full training on Autoreview. It all starts with clean data, and this app will have you easily looking like a SuperHero to your clients!! Reach out to me at for more information.”


AutoReview is currently offering new users a 20% discount for the rest of 2021. When purchasing, use promo code APPY20.


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