Optimize Your Workflow With Liscio + Karbon

May 12, 2021 | News


Clients want ease and accessibility. That’s where Liscio comes in to give clients one place to go to do everything – check off their client tasks, engage in real-time messaging, send eSignatures, and much more! Their app solution also gives clients the ability to respond on the go, which is not only convenient but significantly lowers the barriers to client engagement and workflow efficiency. With Liscio, accounting firms get a front-office solution that allows for smooth client communication and the effortless and secure exchange of sensitive information and documents on the go. 


Accountants, too, want ease and accessibility. But they also need timely and complete information with smooth flowing operations. When it comes to workflow management, Karbon provides a truly collaborative platform to communicate with your team and deliver extraordinary client work. Their features allow accounting firms to automate their workflows and streamline their processes so that their back-office maintains optimum efficiency. Karbon gives your team a single place to collaborate with customizable work templates, document storage, and work task checklists.


The marriage of these two accounting solutions was super exciting news! Not only will accounting firms be able to manage their workflow with ease, but they’ll be able to deliver an amazing client experience as well. 


We had the honor of sitting down with Liscio’s CEO, Chris Farrell, and Director of Marketing & Influencer Development, Alison Ball. A special appearance was also made by Ian Vacin, Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Karbon to discuss the Liscio + Karbon mashup and how it establishes an end-to-end firm solution. 


Here’s how this integration works:

The integration maps Accounts/Contacts in Liscio to People/Organizations in Karbon so that all of your client information can be managed from a single database. Karbon & Liscio have created this integration to facilitate continuity around accounting firm workflows and client interactions. They have a joint commitment to making things better and better for the accounting industry and we can’t wait to see what future developments they have in store for us!  


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