Bulletproof Cyber Security with Practice Protect

Mar 19, 2021 | News

We were THRILLED to have Practice Protect join us on our latest episode as we discussed Cyber Security for Firms. This is one of many crucial points in running a firm and sometimes it is hard to know where to look for this. It is always a goal to automate workflows with the goal of increasing productivity. There are a lot of plugins that Practice Protect can offer to help you reach this goal! Let’s meet our special guests! 


As we dive in, one of the changes that we have had to go through in 2020 was creating a more virtual dependent workspace. Being that more people are working remotely, it is more important now than ever to create a secure environment. 

Some of the new hires might not even be met in person so it is extremely important to make sure your firm is secure. 

What are some problem areas for an unsecure firm? 

  • The capture process is an awkward conversation with the client
  • Storing and sharing private information in a way that doesn’t impact productivity isn’t easy
  • Employees are left to their own devices and methods on how they save and access passwords
  • Revoking information when employees leave is stressful


What exactly can Practice Protect do to help secure your firm? 

There are several different reasons why Practice Protect will be an important addition to your workflow. If you would like to watch the demo, tune in to our latest episode here

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