Feb 2, 2021 | News

We were excited to have our Champaign Sponsor, ADP, and also special guest Chris Farrell who is the CEO of Liscio. It was a great episode over PEOs and how they can be beneficial to your firm.  You can watch the live video here!

Many businesses were affected by 2020 so we wanted to take a dive into how 2020 changed the face of business and many company cultures. ADP was able to do some polling to see the significant shifts in the workplace for the year of 2020. One of these polls were Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. They have noticed that 75% of the people have been requesting some type of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion resources. There is a lot of information provided by ADP that can help advisors as they assist their clients in growth. One of the greatest things ADP offers are the PEO services because you can get more benefits through PEO than on your own as a company.

Chris with Liscio got a chance to speak on why his company chose ADP PEO and how it has impacted his business.

What are some benefits of PEOS?

  • PEO’s in firms help keep liabilities down.
  • Volume Discounts
  • HCM Trends so you can know how to advise and grow
  • It is focused and easy to use
  • Built around the employee

Outside of salary, employees will be looking at benefits which is why it is good to have competitive rates. When going through PEO, you become part of a much larger group so your costs for benefits will be significantly discounted and you can pass that savings on to your employee.

We want to raise a toast to our ADP family for partnering with us to bring such great insights on PEO and how to do payroll and HR better. ADP and Appy just seemed to be a natural fit over the past few years because they share similar values and have a continued desire to reach and help people.

Don’t miss this business changing episode! Watch it here. Also, you can read more on Intro to HR with PEO here.

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