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Jan 22, 2021 | News

We were grateful to have Rowan Eister with Fathom join us for our first Episode of the New Year along with special guest speaker, Geni Whitehouse.

Geni Whitehouse is an amazing Mentor! She is a Best-selling Author and International Keynote Speaker and we were honored to have her on with us!

“When I discovered Fathom, I was over the moon!..” Geni said it best and here’s why!

What is Fathom?

Fathom is a business intelligence tool to help you find answers to critical business questions. It transforms your accounting data into accounting intelligence.

Who is it for?

Fathom is useful for ANY business seeking to measure, monitor and improve business performances.

How can they help you?

    • Goalseek
      Allows for you to set financial goals and see where that operating cash flow comes from. Goalseek offers a great sales tool that will help you show your client how to move forward towards their goals with specific details. i.e. Lower your payroll, cost of goods has to go down, collect faster on outstanding receivables. Once solutions are identified, you can discuss with your client on actions to take to fix it.
    • Forecast Reporting
      Forecasting is extremely customizable and great for projecting your sales. You can go so far as to create special circumstances to see how it would affect your company such as going live with a new brand or change something that has been very steady in the books. Fathom can forecast down to the account level or on a broader level.
    • KPI Reporting
      This too is very customizable so that you are getting the data you WANT front and center.

There is MUCH more that Fathom offers, these were just a few of the highlights from the episode. If you are interested in learning more, please check out our latest episode at

Today’s special is a 30-day Free Trial for Fathom (instead of 14-days): Click Here

Pricing for Fathom: Click Here

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