Transform Your Firm Workflows using Intuit Practice Management

Nov 3, 2020 | News

What do you mean by “ditch the duct tape”?


Are you spending countless hours piecing apps together? Finding the right app can be tricky; with such a flooded market, it can take valuable time and money to find a suitable solution.

Duct Tape isn’t an ideal solution and leaves leaks in your technology, resulting in lost data. Having leaky technology can create duplicates, missing, or incorrectly mapped data.






Doug Sleeter, the founder of the Sleeter Group Inc, is devoted to proving that despite “Chunkification being the new trend, Chunkificationin is not sustainable in our accounting and business environment. While this feature was needed for desktop platforms, the cloud simply has better options. Introducing the era of de-chunkification.”


Good news, there’s a better way!


Intuit Practice Management shared two of their superstars to show us another way:

  • Brady Suggs – Partnership Lead for ProConnect Group / Group Product Manager
  • Jeremy Herbel – Senior Product Manager – ProConnect Group

Brady and Jeremy joined us to help us understand what Intuit is doing to help “de-chunkify” the QuickBooks ecosystem. The Intuit Practice Management teams understands QuickBooks needs a better way to connect apps. Their mission has become, “ Solve pros needs through orchestration of Intuit and 3rd party solutions to accelerate the customer benefit”. This transformation through connections has now allowed them to create seamless integration to a multitude of apps.



Intuit’s “Better Together” statement allows accounts to be linked, enabling navigation between where you work and where you do the work. The sync between integrations will empower users to surface relevant information.


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