Melio Open Mic Session with Sherrell Martin and David Leary

Nov 3, 2020 | News

We were thrilled to have both Sherrell Martin and David Leary join us for an ‘Appy Hour episode. This guest powerhouse joined us to share their combined knowledge of how Melio Payments works.


Sherrell Martin is the Owner and operator of Nitram Financial Solutions, national outsourced accounting, and bookkeeping company. She is also an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network.


David Leary’s extensive career in accounting includes a 21+ year career at Intuit, 2014 CPA Practice Advisor, Co-host of Cloud Accounting Podcasts, Co-Founder of the Accounting Salon, Founder of Sombrero Apps Company, 2015 Accounting Today “One to Watch ”. He is currently the director of accounting and bookkeeping at Melio.
Sherrell was the perfect guest to walk us through Melio Payments in actions. As an experienced accountant who works with clients to manage their vendor payment needs, she has first-hand knowledge of their needs. Sherrell as a lot of fun during our Q&A session, and we asked the following questions:

What are businesses looking for?

    • Businesses need a way to pay vendors easily. Up till now, companies are using payroll solutions and checks for vendor payments. By using an online solution for processing vendor payments, creating a scheduled payment is now made easy.
    • How do businesses plan? 

      • Running a business requires a lot of expense payments. Businesses often have a hard time planning for upcoming events such as payroll. By scheduling vendor payments plus having the flexibility to use a credit card for vendor payments, businesses now have a lot more flexibility.


What is Melio? 

Melio is designed for businesses to transfer money easily for B2B payments and receivables freely. Plus, they offer features to ensure your business’s efficiency, profits, and growth using Melio’s Firm Management Software.

    • Save money on payroll fees
    • Pay vendors faster
    • Schedule future payments
    • Flexibility of how to pay
    • Not costly

Melio is tightly integrated with QuickBooks Online. Now users choose to pay bills online directly from inside QuickBooks Online. ACH payments are FREE, and the credit card processing has a small fee.


How does Melio use credit cards for vendor payments?

You can preserve your cash by paying vendors using your credit card. After the credit card is debited, Melio can either mail a check or bank transfer payments to vendors. By leveraging Melio, businesses can avoid bank loans.


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