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May 14, 2020 | Featured App

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

For most of us, when someone says AI we think to Hollywood’s vengeful robots that plot to take over humanity. There will always be the Hollywood portrayal of Artificial Intelligence but in our modern-day society, we’ve actually become quite accustomed to AI in our everyday life. Something, like asking Alexa about the weather, telling Siri to send a text, or getting recommendations on Hulu for your new show to binge-watch, are all everyday examples of AI.

What’s with all the AI hype in the accounting industry?

Will AI really change the way we work within the accounting industry? This is an easy, YES! Here are a few examples of how we use AI already within the accounting industry: mobile banking, bank feeds, reconciliations, and data review. AI has the capability to automate these tasks, but more is coming. Some of the trends we see AI being introduced are payroll, data analysis, and filing taxes.

With accounting and bookkeeping being a repeated cycle of transactions, plans on automating all of these meticulous tasks and seamlessly processing these transactions for you. They focus on creating superior technological advancements for mid-sized businesses and accounting firms. If you’re interested in reducing human errors, correcting and simplify transactions then a cloud-based workflow like vic.ia might be the best fit for you!

With over 16 years of accounting experience, Todd Robinson is Head of Strategic Accounts. Having enough software experience to fill a room, he is aiming to aid accountants and practitioners in the journey towards an efficient and effective by introducing them into the Era of Intelligent Accounting threw technology.

About provides accountants and bookkeeping practitioners with efficient and accurate workflows. Using thousands of transactions and documents as training data for perfect and flawless results. automation for accounting is Cloud-Based, easy to understand, extremely flexible.

First Focus Accounts Payable

With the elimination of manual data entry and the ability to integrate with almost any type of system, can be a perfect fit for workflow improvements! By automating your annoying everyday tasks, like accounts payable, it not only frees your time for more important work but it also kicks-out the possibility for human error. has plans for a full accounting and bookkeeping automation but the first area of focus is accounts payable tasks. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is using OCR to code, approve, and post bills.

Once the bills are created, they can be synced to accounting platforms and bill payment solutions.

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