COVID19: Right Networks Creating a Remote Workplace

Mar 17, 2020 | COVID-19

Avoid an office shut down and convert your team to a virtual workforce

It’s time to put on the fuzzy slippers and go to work. Yep, there is no reason to leave your home office when you have created a virtual workspace. With so many resources at our fingertips, we can create a complete home office complete with all the apps we love alongside our QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop too! 

Even without the recent health concern in my experience, I am much more efficient working in my home office. The coffee is hot and the commute is great! In fact, when I am taking on new clients and they relay they are using QuickBooks Desktop I will communicate that if we work together we will place them in a hosting environment which will allow us to collaborate. I’ve just gotten to the point that I don’t really leave. It’s not efficient any longer and we just don’t have to. So this is a good conversation for those accountants that are with us that really want to stay remote and work efficiently and at this current state of affairs it is public health safety.

What do I mean by hosting their QuickBooks Desktop?

Hosting is the way you can both work simultaneously in the same data file. Because Right Networks is designed to feel similar to working in a Windows environment it is a very comfortable and easy training process.   

QuickBooks Desktop is Here to Stay

Really, it’s an interesting statistic. But, after all this time QuickBooks Desktop sales are still winning over QuickBooks Online. Looking at the numbers, you can see that, QuickBooks Desktop is still very much alive and well, in fact, the revenue that was generated for the fiscal year 19, for QuickBooks Desktop and related products actually surpassed the revenue for QuickBooks Online. 

As this work comes into your firm we want that freedom to be able to work in the cloud and be remote. At this time some clients are still better suited for QuickBooks Desktop suck as construction, manufacturing and like so the question becomes, how do we serve these clients? 

Intuit QRTLY Results 

Which versions of QuickBooks does Right Networks Support?

With so many versions of QuickBooks Desktops to choose from, no matter which desktop product that the client is using, hosting it in the cloud with Right Networks is a really great solution. 

The Solution is Hosting

Knowing that so many clients are choosing QuickBooks Desktop the conversation really is “How best do we serve these clients?” By utilizing Right Networks as our hosting solution for QuickBooks Desktop clients we can continue to have good communication with our clients. 

Right Networks enables us to have an environment where you can share the data simultaneously for a truly collaborative workspace. This shared workspace can be used by as many users as you acquire seats for. This means your firm’s team plus your client’s team can all work at the same time within the QuickBooks Desktop data file. 

Right Networks also integrations and hosts over 300 Apps which means you will be able to have your full client solution hosted securely in the cloud.  

Accounting and Bookkeeping firms servicing QuickBooks Desktop clients need a way to help clients remotely. To learn more about how your firm can become a remote workforce watch Right Networks Demo presented on The ‘Appy Hour. 

And who knows maybe the next big swag to be given away at the conferences will be bunny slippers or pajama pants.

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