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Jan 21, 2020 | Featured App

The more data the better, right?

Contrary to popular belief, more data does not mean a better app. Like Heather says, “you want those “gold nuggets” of information.” You want small “nuggets” of essential data, it makes for a quicker process and less “junk” to get in the way when searching for specific items. 

“Start with the end in mind.”

Accountants need meaningful reporting; this allows us to quickly pull up reports and aid our clients to become more profitable and achieve their company goals. Minimal data entries also help accountants and clients keep a clutter-free work zone capable of accessing valuable information, short and sweet data entries saves time and headaches. Leaving a trail back to your data also saves time; having a breadcrumb mentality allows information to be quickly accessed.

Integrating Multiple apps

When integrating more than one app, it’s crucial to search for how your data presents itself in the app; using apps that work well together is also vital. Apps like Zapier and Bookkeep work well for filling in those gaps. 

Consider the ‘Appy Hour’s Golden Rules of App Integrations

  • Map the data flow
  • Maximize app’s reporting features
  • Keep it as simple as possible (only bring in what you need)
  • Validate the integration through reporting and documented procedures
  • Communicate with support

Why use 

  • Simplifying your books with a single sales entry and one payout entry a day
  • Accurately organizing fees, gift cards, tips, loan payments, and sales tax
  • Flexibility for your schedule, supporting several classes, locations, and stores

Setup is easy

  • has an easy mapping dashboard for both Square and Shopify

  • Specify start of day, classes and locations

  • imports as either a Journal Entry or in some cases a Sales Receipt

  • The best part is you can reconcile your bank accounts to the penny! ensures you’ll always stay on top of the schedule, falling behind on your books is a thing of the past! With everything automated, you no longer must waste time on manual entries, and spreadsheets! Reconciling with is no longer a meticulous task, clean data and books only- no more time spent on duplicate or missing transactions.  

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