Charitable Donations for Small Businesses

Dec 17, 2019 | News

It’s officially the season for hot chocolate and scraping your car windows, and if you aren’t already a year-round donator to charity then it’s the perfect season to get in the spirit of giving back to those in need. Steve Pipe and Regis Malloy joined ‘Appy Hour for a special episode to share how their favorite charity platforms have revolutionized the face of charity for an easy, inexpensive, and direct way to make a difference in someone’s life! 

Steve Pipe and his favorite charitable organization, B1G1, allows you to choose what and who you would like to impact and provides you with the satisfaction of knowing where your money is going and how your donations are being used. One of my favorite B1G1 features is the impact scorecards which displays how you have made a difference on a tile card which can be added to easily be added your website. 

Regis Malloy is the Founder of G1VE which helps Quickbooks Online businesses become social enterprises.  

Instead of scrambling around at the end of the year for your donations to charity, G1VE allows you to easily give back year-round by creating an expected monthly donation schedule and percentage of your monthly revenue. 

Creating a routine of giving not only allows a less stressful and inexpensive way for your company to donate but also creates a reliable source of income for your favorite organizations. Each charity has been approved and listed for you to pick from; creating a way for you to safely send money to those in need and know your donations are being used for the better of humanity.

Still, need more proof that G1VE is the solution for you?!

  • Nonprofit organizations benefit from a reliable and steady source of donations
  • Creates easy budgeting and project planning
  • Design charity portfolio 
  • You can decide what percentage you want to give
  • Provides reports on your donations
  • 71% of consumers support businesses that give back

If every small business donated only 1% nonprofits would gain $70 billion a year, so start putting in your 1% and let’s see how many lives we can change!

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