Why Liz Loves A2X for Shopify

Sep 16, 2019 | Episodes, Featured App

You’re about to find out why I love A2X!

Over the last few years, I have searched and searched for a solution for my eCommerce clients.

I have been disappointed over and over by the so-called summary importing options for eCommerce businesses. What I have found is importing solutions which want to bring in ALL the sales data in individual transactions. Let me list a few of the reasons this does not work for most clients: it’s a mess, there is no value for most eRetailers to have customers in QBO, payments are a nightmare to batch to daily deposits.

Running Reports in the Proper System!

eCommerce clients typically run reports in their applications designed to handle that department. For example, to track inventory totals they would login to their inventory solutions and if they wanted to create a customer campaign, they would use the sales channel where the customer transaction takes place. The value of keeping these details out of QBO is this avoids an unnecessary mess.

Niche Spotlight was me!

As a special treat, during our QB ‘Appy Hour episode with A2X for Shopify, I was able to be our Niche Spotlight expert since this is our firm’s www.AccountingLifeline.com specialty. What makes QB ‘Appy Hour so special is we really try to have apps on the show which are relevant to accountants and who have real value to our clients. It’s a pretty high standard and as an A2X user I can verify they meet our requirements!

Why A2X for Shopify special?

Recording Shopify orders include tracking the sales, fees, refunds, taxes, and discounts which is labor intensive and prone to errors when entering in QBO. Plus, Shopify allows customers to use numerous payment methods which makes it difficult to track payouts and reconcile.

How A2X solves for the tedious task of recording Shopify sales is the same method they use for their A2X Amazon solution. A2X for Shopify automates the process by creating a Sales Summary report via a QBO Journal Entry. This means every Shopify sales transaction is batched daily to the appropriate type of sales income account(s) along with the sales tax liability, fees, refunds, and discounts plus the payment method(s) used. Shopify Payments are easy to reconcile and other payment gateways such as PayPal can be mapped to a clearing account.

How does it work?

Here is an example, of a QuickBooks journal entry that represents a Shopify Payments payout:


“The big win is the reduction of errors and time spent.”

Are you ready to learn more?

If you are like me and want to work with eCommerce clients, then you need a solution to help automate and connect applications. A2X for Shopify and A2X for Amazon are great solutions for accountants, bookkeepers and business users.

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