What Makes a Great App Partner with our Sponsor: ADP

Jun 11, 2019 | Featured App, Trends

So, We get it. Apps are a necessary part of the workflow in today’s business. But what makes some stand out more than others? By first focusing on finding apps that solve technology and needs we next can focus on the attributes of a great app partner.

Apps Improve System Processes

Apps should create mobility and transparency. Apps should also improve our competitive edge. In yesteryears, apps were only as good as the money spent on high dollar programs. Even then the best systems would often need upgrades to match the technology improvements. But, by leveraging today’s apps in the marketplace our small to mid-size companies can have the same advantages without all the expense. Great news!

Extension of the Business

Apps should aide with workflow and feel like part of the business. If we think of our apps as taking over the duties of a person or department, they should feel like an arm or leg of the company and not a segregated or disconnected extension.

Apps Help Us Achieve Goal

Apps can help us set goals and track our progress. Apps can even assist in the steps associated with goals by creating tasks and rewards when we accomplish a phase.

Apps Must Offer Training and Support

Meet us where we are at for training and implementation. Some apps offer a white glove service, meaning they will hold our hand during the setup. The benefit of this approach is full apportion of the process. If left to our own devices (so to speak), we often ourselves too busy to learn a new app and fail to ever implement it.

ADP has Created the Accountant Connect

ADP spent a few years developing a system including an easy to use interface for users to process payroll. Their tagline is #WorkingFor which, to them, means they are working towards reimagining a better world at work.

ADP offers training and support to help remove the clucky systems revolving around payroll. They have listened to accountants and bookkeepers feedback that there are many types of firms with different payroll processes needs.

Hands Fully Engaged or Off

ADP has two different offerings to aide in the payroll process. They offer a Wholesale Program designed for traditional accounting firms who wish to maintain control of the payroll process. They also offer a Revenue Share designed for firms who have more of a hands-off approach for the submitting and processing of deposits and forms.

ADP’s newest offering is an Acquisition Program. This is designed for firms who wish to remove themselves entirely from the payroll process.

ADP Flexibility

ADP also has resources and solutions for HR. By assisting in employee needs, ADP has created a flexible extension of accounting firms truly designed around the way we and our clients work.


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