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Apr 18, 2019 | Featured App

Managing your clients’ global payments can be a serious hassle. Constantly checking volatile foreign exchange rates, keeping transaction fees under control, and taking care of all the paperwork are just a few examples on the endless task-list of accountants whose clients venture into the global market.

We at Veem know that accountants time is sparse and valuable, which is why we set out to simplify global business payments, saving you both time and money.

Save time

With Veem, you can send and receive global business payments in just a click. Our QBO integration allows you to seamlessly integrate all payments, both domestic and international, in your clients QBO account. Our two-way data synchronization eliminates all need for manual data entry and reconciliation. That means that if you send an invoice or a payment through Veem, it will automatically show up in your QBO account.

Veem is versatile, and works well with whatever arrangement you have with your clients, domestic and international. Do you handle all of their payments? Do they handle half and you the other half? Is it different every time? No problem.

Multi-level user rights and permissions grant safe access to you, your clients and your co-workers, allowing you to choose who gets to do what on each payment. Our two-factor authentication account access ensures maximum safety for your clients’ information and their money. You can rest assured that all your clients’ data and funds are in safe hands.

Save money

Foreign exchange rates change all the time. It’s hard to keep up with the roller-coaster itself, let alone all the fees and charges banks may add to their FX rates.

Veem offers competitive foreign exchange rates, saving your clients money on each transaction. In addition, you can eliminate transfer fees on global transactions by choosing to pay in local currencies.

You can track all your transactions with our real-time status updates, which allows you to accurately calculate your clients’ cash flow and stop worrying about the status of your payments.

About us

Veem is a global payments company passionate about helping accounting professionals and small businesses. Over 100,000 small businesses trust us in 98 countries and counting.

We believe that accountants and the businesses they serve deserve the fastest, easiest, and most secure global payments imaginable. Our robust QBO integration allows us to elevate our service to a new level, helping accountants to further optimize their work and better serve their clients.

Saving time and money on secure international business payments has never been so easy.

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