Kindful: Powerful Nonprofit Software That Makes Managing Your Donors Easier Than Ever

Apr 2, 2019 | Featured App

At Kindful, our powerful nonprofit software helps you organize your data and manage your donors better. With a beautifully designed, intuitive CRM solution that seamlessly integrates with all your fundraising, marketing, and accounting tools, we help you stay away from your computer so you can stay in front of your donors.

Truly successful and growing nonprofits keep track of their donors on all fronts. They don’t just focus on a single stage of the donor lifecycle; they look at its entirety, knowing that each piece influences the other, adding up to the sum of their fundraising. That’s why we’re so passionate about the donor lifecycle analytics built into our software.

Today we’d like to introduce our three most powerful features around donor lifecycle analytics so you can see how these meaningful insights can help you raise more money and make a bigger impact.

Acquiring Donors

Tracking your new contacts is at the core of fundraising success. If you want to build a relationship with a prospective donor, you need to start thinking about them before they make their first donation. Now you can find ways to engage potential donors and advertise to them before they make their first contribution. You can also see who needs timely nurturing.

Once they make a donation, our insights will help you stay on top of those relationships. For example, you can see if you’re hitting your 12-month goals with a live count of new donors over the last year. You can click on any of the metrics to see who these people are and easily create a mail merge, report, or group with this list.

Retaining Donors

If you’ve spent any time as a fundraiser or working with a fundraiser, you’ve probably spent time thinking about donor retention. With our CRM, you can see how you’re stacking up to retention averages by seeing your rate of retained donors simply by logging in.

You can also take retention a step further by preventing donors from lapsing. You’ll be able to see who is about to lapse and print off a list of phone numbers, create a mail merge, or send them an email with just a few clicks.

Upgrading Donors

Are you thanking every donor who chooses to give to your organization? What about those donors who’ve increased their giving over the previous year?

One click on this metric reveals donors who have upgraded their giving from last year. From this list you can discover giving trends, uncovering tips to optimize across your fundraising efforts.


To learn more, schedule a demo with our team today. If you’re not ready to jump into a new platform just yet, take a look at our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Donor Lifecycle.

Kindful will be featured on the April 9, 2019, episode of the QB ‘Appy Hour!