Knowify: #1 Rated QB-Integrated Construction Software

Feb 1, 2019 | Featured App

From our earliest days, we at Knowify have taken the needs and desires of the accounting community seriously. The first conference we attended was Scaling New Heights (the Woodard QuickBooks-focused show), and our very first integration was with QuickBooks Online. We have always seen accountants and bookkeepers as more than just number-crunchers; indeed, given their position at the center of so many administrative-side processes, we saw them as powerful potential change agents in an industry  construction Рthat so desperately needs change. Have we put our development dollars where our mouth is here? You bet.

How Knowify helps you: Industry-leading QuickBooks integration

Knowify has by far the most comprehensive integration with QBO of any construction package out there. We offer bidirectional syncing across a wide variety of data points (clients, vendors, items, payments, and more), and push-syncing for activities generated in Knowify that QBO should also have on its side (timecards, invoices, etc). Please see our deep dive into the Knowify QBO sync here: []. The bottom line is this: we want the operations and accounting sides of the business to be on the same page, and we don’t want accountants wasting their time getting caught up or double-entering information.


How Knowify helps your clients: Comprehensive, easy-to-use software to run a construction business

We like to joke that no contractor ever got into the business so he could have an office job. Yet construction is as administratively complex as almost any industry out there: plans, specs, RFIs, submittals, schedules, timecards, POs, change orders, the list goes on and on. Staying on top of all that administrative work is hard and as anyone who has worked in construction, or been a counterparty in a construction project, knows contractors historically have struggled with the office side of their businesses. Knowify gives commercial subcontractors and residential remodelers a comprehensive solution for managing the office side of their business. Encompassing everything from bidding to scheduling to contract/change order management to field-based mobile timekeeping and much more, Knowify takes the time- and paper-intensive administrative work that contractors do poorly and moves it all into a simple, streamlined, cloud-based tool. Knowify customers not only gain efficiency, but also professionalism. Gone are the days when customers would tolerate disorganization; more professional contractors win more work! An analysis of our customer data revealed that new Knowify companies grow >20% in their first year with us! [] Give your contractor clients a leg up with Knowify.