Start the Year off with Time Saving Calendar Apps and Value-Added App LivePlan!

Jan 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Comparing Calendar Apps was a fantastic way to start the new year! Both Calendly and Acuity have impressive features and it was remarkable Heather and I felt strongly about the calendar apps we use. Interestingly we have chosen different apps based on our needs and wants. Viewing the two app features side-by-side helped the selection process. Often, knowing which app to choose is the hardest part of a project but if you start by listing must and nice to have features it helps the task from feeling overwhelming.

New year

I am happy to pay for technology but sometimes free versions have enough features

One of the biggest differences in Heather and my decision was what was a must have. For me, I needed my calendar app to integrate with my existing Google calendar to make use of open or unavailable time and my nice to have was free. This is why Calendly was the best choice for me.

Heather’s must haves were to be able to take payment using Square plus, the she needed the ability to book group classes. She doesn’t mind spending a little for the extra features which saves her time and allows class attendees to pay while booking their appointment.Calendar App side-by-side

New Year’s is a New Start

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make an adjustment to the status quo. Based on several studies; health, money, time management and sex are at the top of most new year’s resolutions. While a calendar app can help with time management, LivePlan can help to add value to your existing offereings within your firm.

LivePlan Adds Value to Your Existing Offereings

Often, what we hear in our idustry is how do I get started offering advisory services, this is exactly the need the training program LivePlan has created.

The training program LivePlan has created teaches accountants and bookkeepers how to use and implement LivePlan for small business advisory services. The training goes way beyond just LivePlan and shows us how to be the strategic advisor with templates, scripts and advice on steps to take along the path with your client.

This program is a 7-course series designed to teach you the LivePlan Method for stategic advisory serivces. The program covers; how to use the LivePlan software, how to adopt the method in your firm, how to package, price and sell, and even begin working with your clients.

The LivePlan Resolution liveplan resolution.png

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