QB ‘Appy Hour Showdown

Sep 17, 2018 | Conferences, Drink, Episodes

WOW! Our QB ‘Appy Hour episode 4, was exhilarating! On September, Tuesday 11, 2018 Liz Scott and Heather Satterley hosted the 100K App Showdown – QB ‘Appy Hour Takeover! Last year’s App Showdown finalist joined us to share what their experience was like before and after. With the App Showdown finalists joining us we had a record number of 14 speakers on the webinar! The Showdown Webinar reminded me of being a kid on a party line but with video!

Our guests included Intuit’s own Sr. Manager of Development Programs, Annie Terry, as well as last year’s judge Mariette Martinez, EA and 2017’s App Showdown Finalists!

Know Yourself

To many of the Finalist, the experience was enlightening, as they had to take a deep look inward to explore and project who their app is designed to help and how they are different from the other apps in the QB ecosystem. During the exploration process, many of the apps realized they each had a target market. Does this sound familiar, do you have a niche & who is your target audience? This is a great lesson to us all – we need to know who we are before we can market to others.

I was surprised to learn, the App Showdown lasts around 6 months for the 10 finalists. During this time, not only do they define their market but they are also part of many Intuit campaigns and events. Intuit wants the QB ecosystem to thrive and actively invests in their success. Intuit sees the ecosystem as necessary for small business users to select these add-ons to streamline processes.

QB ‘Appy Hour Drink Showdown

As part of, the 2018 App Showdown we celebrated with the first ever, QB ‘Appy Hour Drink Showdown! Just like the App Showdown votes are cast and get this, the winner will be served at QuickBooks Connect during the 100K Showdown Pre-Show! You don’t want to miss this event Monday, November 5, 2018, at 5:45 pm.