The QB ‘Appy hour with Liz and Heather August Episode Recap

Aug 17, 2018 | Drink, Episodes, Featured App

The QB ‘Appy Hour was a blast! Both the eCommerce content and the Avalara drink received fabulous feedback, thank you friends! Here is a recap of what we covered.

Exploring eCommerce Solution Apps and Building a Strong Foundation by Understanding Terminology. Before you can build up and out you must first have a strong footing which is where we started on the August QB ‘Appy Hour. Understanding why we accountant and bookkeepers care is key. Our firm, as well as many of you, are experiencing the same situation. Clients are looking for eCommerce solutions but because often these clients connect to eCommerce solutions before understanding the whole picture. They are often left with a mess to clean up which is where we get called in to help.

Cue the Accountants and Bookkeepers to Action. As part of the client team, we need to be able to participate in the eCommerce conversation with our clients. Even if your firm has no intention in specializing in eCommerce solutions its important to grasp the basics so you can refer out for help. During the webinar, we covered basic terms and definitions as well as how and when to use middleware as part of your eCommerce app stack.

How Supreme Court Internet Sales Tax Ruling Changes Sales Tax for eCommerce Companies. What a HOT topic, right? Just as we thought eCommerce couldn’t get any more complicated than it already is, boom a large bomb named Wayfair vs South Dakota is dropped and as a result now all eCommerce sales are subject to the sales tax. To help break down the new ruling Avalara was our special guest. Avalara’s team member Matthew Hammond walked us through how using AvaTax as your sales tax calculator integrated with your sales channels can calculate your liability and even file on your behalf in each state.

But who stole the show the drink recipe! Really, it was that good. Due to requests, we will be posting the drink card on our Facebook as well as in the bar book listed on our website. This is also where you can find more details about Avalara like contact information.

A fun monthly segment of The QB ‘Appy Hour is Heather and Liz’s coolest thing we did this month using an App. This month Heather demoed how to use Zapier to Create a QBO Sales Receipt.

Be sure to join us next month as we have Intuit as our guest to talk about the Intuit App Showdown! Both David Leary and Annie Terry will be our special guests!

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